Acro dance combines various dance styles with acrobatic and gymnastic movement both individual and in pairs. It also includes a variety of lifts, stands and holds that require strong elements of over all flexibility. Dancers incorporate power tumbling and flexible body motions to enhance their dancing performances. Acro dance demands strong, flexible dancers with good body control and awareness. In addition, acro dance requires a lot of core strength as dancers are asked to hold certain positions that defy gravity and are, at times, quite awkward and difficult. Being trained by a certified instructor is vital to ensure proper technique and eliminate injuries. Following instructors warm-up and cool-down directions are extremely important as this style is very demanding on your major joints and muscle groups. Dancers should be in excellent physical condition and building strength and flexibility at home.

Dancers should wear tight fitting attire during acro including spandex shorts, tops and or leggings 3/4′ in length. Loose fitted clothing, including baggy t-shirts, long sleeved tops and pants can get caught on spotters and interfere with gymnastic moment. Bare feet only no socks or footed tights. Hair must be pulled back tightly in a bun or pony tail tucked under in the middle of the dancers head so all stands and double stunts can be done safely.