Each class is expected to attend two ballet classes a week. The first class is solely based on technique and strengthening work, while the second class focuses on performance and choreography in preparation for competitions. The Pointe classes are for students wishing to enhance their ballet experience. Pointe is a difficult style of dance and require focus and extra practice and strengthening. Students in the Pointe classes will work with therabands, tennis balls and other various forms of equipment to strengthen the feet and ankles. The instructor works with each individual student to assess the level and areas of improvement to provide a program that pushes the student forward in her learning while maintaining her safety.

In order for the instructor to best teach the students, everyone needs to attend class wearing a bodysuit, tights, ballet shoes (canvas or leather) and their hair needs to be in a bun with all bangs swept off of the face.  For pointe students may wear ouch pouches or other forms of cushioning for their feet as long as they fit within the shoes comfortably and do not hinder the dancing or safety of the student.