Learning Dance the fun way! At Legacy our Kinder Program is designed for dancers 2 to 4 years old. It is the nursery level in dancing, using the benefits from various types of dancing to teach poise, grace, beat and timing, coordination, and flexibility. Our kinder dancers will have the opportunity to learn all styles of dance including tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop and some gymnastics, all this is accompanied with age-appropriate music. Kinder Dance teaches ballet positions and creative movement while developing rhythm, coordination and a feel for classroom structure. The purpose is to develop the first step towards a basic background in dancing and an awareness of timing in music. In both dance classes children are encouraged to use their imaginations! This is a fun, safe, nurturing dance class with just the right balance between discipline and learning for these precious little ones. The emphasis is on creating a fun learning environment. This class is open for parents to watch.

Dancewear requirements: Students should have a pair of ballet slippers and tap shoes. Bodysuits, tights, skirts, leggings, shorts and tank tops are suitable dancewear for this class. Hair must be tied back and away from the face.