These forms of dance are both very expressive styles of dance that involves ballet and jazz technique. One gets to explore the music that they are dancing to and express the emotions that he or she thinks that the artist is trying to portray. Students that participate in contemporary/lyrical get the chance to dance outside of the comfort zone and learn to take chances while dancing. It is very important that dancers learn to fully commit to the piece that they are trying to portray to their audience members in these styles of dance. Without the commitment to their piece it will be difficult for the audience to grasp on to the story or emotions that the dance should be sharing. Contemporary/lyrical gives dancers the opportunity to tell a story through their dance moves and allows dancers to look at a song in a way that they may have never looked at it before.

Students should wear shorts that allow the teacher to see their legs or a tight legging that comes to the knee. On their top half they MUST be wearing a sports bra and any kind of t-shirt that does not hide their body. If the students wish they may just wear their sports bra and shorts. On their feet they may wear dance paws (they have the choice to wear both two or one on their turning foot).