Jessie Kajorinne has always had a passion for music and the arts. She enjoys playing the piano, an instrument on which she has 12 years of training. Jessie received her Conservatory Canada Grade 8 and Theory 4 certificates in classical piano when she was 16 years old. She is a skilled vocalist who has competed in various competitions, both locally and provincially, and also sings at various events such as weddings and baseball games. Jessie partakes in theatrical productions throughout Thunder Bay on a regular basis, as she loves to act and perform. She also loves to draw and sketch in her free time. Jessie didn’t start training at a studio until the age of 14, where she took hip hop, jazz, and ballet technique classes. She first was inspired to dance after watching Ian Eastwood’s YouTube page when she was 14. Low and behold, Jessie found her absolute passion in life: hip hop. Her style of dance is heavily influenced by Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer as well as Wildabeast Adams, two very different yet talented dancers. Jessie has competed in various competitions throughout Canada and the United States in the last 4 years, where she has always placed well with her hip hop numbers. In 2012, Jessie first started choreographing her own pieces and looks forward to exercising her creativity by continuing to produce stylized and hard hitting hip hop numbers at Legacy.

Jessie is currently attending Lakehead University and keeps busy with her schoolwork. She is academically gifted, and received free tuition based off her grade 12 high school average. Jessie puts her schooling above all else and understands the importance of education. She strives to set a good example for the students of Legacy Performing Arts Company.

In the future, Jessie plans on auditioning for immaBEAST crew, as well as music videos and other events. She hopes to always keep hip hop in her life even while she works as an engineer. Hip hop is her passion and does not plan on losing it! Jessie is ecstatic to be teaching at Legacy and is grateful for the opportunity to share her love for dance with others.