Legacy Performing Arts Company is proud to announce the studio Parents Association.The LPAC PA is a group of dedicated parents who are committed to making Legacy a better place for all. We are a not for profit branch which runs separate and apart from the Administration of Legacy Performing Arts. We focus on studio events and fundraising that help make the best possible experience for each dancer and their parents. We meet once a month to plan events, voice opinions and concerns and brainstorm ideas for fundraising. The association acts as an advocate for the parents and students of Legacy and will take part in communication to make LPAC the best it can be. All questions and concerns regarding LPAC PA activities can be directed to infopa@legacypa.ca

Chair: Lauri Hoskins

Treasurer: Neely Harding

Board Member: Melanie Gottfred  Board Member: Jay Lawley

Board Member: Danielle McLeod     Board Member: Dani Dunne

Board Member: Sari Campigotto    Board Member: Lawrence Dorey

Board Member: Lisa Simmik      Board Member: Robyn Eady-Sitar